March 29, 2013 — April 1, 2013 marks the web launch of Daily Living TV Network, a new network hub that will become “home” to several previously produced shows in addition to new ones that will be added continuously. On April 15, the network will go live on Roku and will become available for viewing offline as well as online via the Internet. Daily Living TV Network will offer more choices to those who prefer wholesome and positive programming that will, “Inspire, Empower and Ignite” audiences around the globe. After April 15, viewers will be able to access Daily Living TV Network through various forms of multimedia including the Roku streaming player device ( that is already being utilized in millions of homes. Additionally select program clips, commercials and recordings will be uploaded to the network’s official website at where viewers can obtain the most current information including show times, channels, and schedule of events. The launch celebration ceremony for Daily Living TV Network will take place on September 28, 2013.

According to Daily Living TV Network’s Founder and CEO, Trena D. Stephenson, one primary goal is to “change the face of media and television broadcast.” Show topics and themes will vary however one common thread will be the high standard of quality content that Stephenson adds, “will maintain the level of integrity that will always be associated with Daily Living TV Network.” From education and information to entertainment and inspiration, the network will open its doors to submissions and inquiries for new show ideas, content and production. Those interested in producing a program or pitching an idea are asked to contact the network via e-mail at for more information. Sponsorship packages will also become available and details can be obtained by e-mailing an inquiry to Daily Living TV Network is also on Facebook and Twitter.